So…….my first blogpost!

I thought I would use it to catch up on 2017 so far!

Resolutions: ensure that each year includes the following:

  • Something I have never done before
  • Something that scares me
  • Laugh a lot
  • Don’t take life too seriously……you never know when it will end!
  • Help people less fortunate than me by some means
  • Make the most of my time with the ones I love

Running plans for the year:

Ultras: Hardmoors 30: Hardmoors 55: Lakeland 100

Marathons: Hardmoors 26.2 series, Yorkshire Marathon

others: Dales Trail series, North Yorkshire 10k league, various other shorter races

A busy year that may be interrupted by my having an ICD (implantable cardioverter defibrillator) fitted for my LQTS……I’ll fill you in on a later post!

Anyway…..races done so far: Hardmoors 30: Tadcaster Harriers ‘Turkey Trot’ 5 mile handicap race. See my race reports to see how I got on!

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