‘If you’re walking down the right path and you’re willing to keep walking, eventually you’ll make progress.’

Barack Obama

I am not sure in what context former President Obama stated that, but it applies to my running at the moment……..however I have the occasional stumble!

Two steps forward….one back!

It has been a while since I updated my blog. It’s not that I don’t have any subject matter to write about it has been a busy time for me as we have been moving house as well as going through the process of selling my late father’s house.

As a result my running has suffered.

This got me thinking if it is possible for any runner to have a period of injury free running such that they reach their peak and maintain that? I always seem to be progressing well then something happens to knock me back down.

At my ’mature’ age I find that stopping running even for a short length of time means that my fitness level plummets! It is not that long ago that I was running fourty to fifty miles a week and was slowly getting back to my ‘racehorse’ status (relatively speaking!)

Then came my heart issues, and having a pacemaker fitted. Then there was the death of my dad; then moving house. Quite stressful times so running took a backseat. Then it felt hard to run 10 miles a week let alone thirty or forty miles.

However, I like to think that I have accepted the resulting drop in fitness levels. I am not saying that I am happy with the fact that I have to build back up again, nor that with my heart issues that I can not return to ultra distance running. But having accepted that the races I had planned have to be side-lined, I am relaxed about the long build up back to an acceptable level of fitness.

‘A-race 2017’

My main race for the year was the Montane Lakeland 50, which was at the end of July. I told myself not to follow it on Facebook. However I couldn’t resist. As a result I felt saddened that I was not there to take part and it will be a big regret that I will never run this race. Maybe I can find a tough race in the Lake District that is about half marathon distance….however it cannot be the same! Maybe I should help out at the race and marshal instead!

The rest of the year was going to consist of running a marathon each month, with the intention that I would get to my target of running 50 marathons. Then I would step down to running half marathons with the occasional marathon or two each year.

That has now fast forwarded a bit. No more ultras, no more marathons and the rest of the year will consist of running the distance and races that I can feel comfortable with. I don’t mean I am going to take it easy, but I want to enjoy the rest of the year.

Return of the parkrun!

I am even trying to get back to enjoying parkrun’s…….well in reality I have never enjoyed them as such, but it is not too late to start and the ‘stress’ of running a short race will be good training.

So what have I been up to since my cardiac arrest back in April.

One of my targets was to get close to my PB for a 10k road race. This was to be in the York District Road Race League. This is a summer race consisting of midweek 10k races each one hosted by a local club. I wasn’t able to take part in the first three, but managed the rest. Okay I was just returning to running after my heart issues, but didn’t do too bad. Not anywhere near my PB though….maybe next year!

Cardiac Athletes

I also met up with a great group of fellow athletes who have returned to running after their own heart issues; the ‘Cardiac Athlete’s. We met up at a local parkrun. It just so happened to be one when the race directors were presented with a defibrillator by the local Fire Service. It made for a great photo opportunity!. I will be meeting with these guys again at their annual meet in October (at the Thoresby 10 race).

CA parkrun.png
Cardiac Athletes and South Yorkshire Fire Service with their defibrillator donation

The other main event I was involved with was the ‘Cotswold 24 hour relay’ event. I took part with my club Tadcaster Harriers. We took two teams of eight and had a great weekend running laps of the Bathurst Estate near Cirencester in England. We were all buzzing at the end of the weekend, so much so that our enthusiasm infected the club and we have now entered four teams at next years Endure 24 event, a bit nearer home, in June 2018.

My first lap of the Cotswold 24 hour relay event

So my target now is to get fitter and faster. I have a couple of ten mile races in October, then the Hardmoors 15 mile race on New Years day…..it doesnt seem that long since I ran the Hardmoors 30 last New Years Day!….where has the year gone?

Here’s to the rest of the year and getting back to fitness!


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