As a seasoned runner, what is the worst thing that can happen to you?

We all have different goals and motivators, and in the same way we all have different issues that cause us stress.
I think, though, that we would be united that an injury whilst training for an event is one of the worst things that can happen!

However technology has been causing the most of my recent stress!

I wrote last year about wanting to break free from technology and running free of the restraints it brings.
Okay I wrote that, but took absolutely no notice whatsoever!

My worst fear now is heading out on a run and having technology fail on me! Or forgetting to take it with me!

Why is that?

Last October I turned up to a local race and realised I had forgotten my Garmin!

No problem I thought. It would be good to run by feel alone……and I may even improve my time.

I looked at the time…….. there was still time for me to ring my partner and have her bring the watch to me……….. don’t be stupid………… I can surely manage a 10k run without recording my time (and a thousand other useless metrics!)……… oh wait…….. I can record the run on my phone using Strava……….. but……… that won’t record my heart rate! …….. what is the time?…….. 40 minutes before the race starts…….. if I ring her now she would be here in 20 minutes…………’Hi it’s me, don’t suppose you could get out of bed, get showered, dressed and drive out to the race start with my Garmin could you? Please? The race starts in 40 minutes……..I will make the tea tonight!!!!!!!!!!!’

Fast forward 20 minutes and I have my watch. A marshal nearby spotted what was going on and rolled her eyes before asking me if I had forgot my Garmin!. Clearly I am not alone!

Since then i have reduced my reliance on technology………

As if!

My love of cycling has taken technology to a all new level. I now have a Garmin Edge 1000 cycling computer, ‘Garmin Vector 3’ pedals to record my power input, Tacx Neo Smart Turbo Trainer (so I can use Zwift interactively), ‘Stryd pod’ for running (used to record power and other metrics when running. An essential item to use when running using Zwift!……… however I need a treadmill to do this!…….hmmm)….. and a subscription to training peaks to analyse all this data.

Shame I am injured!

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