I have just noticed that I haven’t done a blogpost since May this year!

Where has the time gone?

I definitely cannot blame it on too much time racing to notice. In fact my run training has been abysmal and I need to get it back on track.

It stems back to tweaking my left Achilles during a 10k race back in April. I know from this happening in the past that it takes a while to clear.

So you have followed sensible advice and rested from running?

Of course not……. I am a runner, we give such advice but take no notice when it is given to us!

As I have done in the past I have reduced the intensity of training and stopped racing. Total rest never seems to work for me. In my case the Achilles issues stem from a tight left calf muscle (which in itself may be a result of other areas of tightness such as hip flexors etc.). That means that as I run the Achilles eases off a bit and doesn’t get any worse!

Meanwhile I have been getting onto my bike more to maintain my fitness.

Cross training is good though?

Yes….but I have found out that it is only good if it is specific. By that I mean using the same muscle groups and tendons as running does.

My cycling fitness has improved a lot during this time. I have noticed though that although my cardiovascular fitness is good, my legs are not used to running. Even a short run (compared to what I was used to) of about 5 or 6 miles results in very tired legs.

The heart of the matter

In the past as my cardiovascular fitness has improved my resting heart rate drops and this has in the past resulted in my passing out during exercise, for whatever reason (usually as my heart had stopped altogether!).

Prior to passing out I used to feel light headed. I have noticed this recently but my heart is not allowed to stop beating due to my pacemaker. The pacemaker is set to 45bpm, so if my heart tries to fall below that then the device will start pacing at 45 bpm until my natural rhythm takes over again.

Hot hot hot

Another issue I have had is the temperature. In the UK (as in most of Europe) we have had hot sunny weather for the past few months….. unseasonably hot. I have never been good in the heat, but this has got worse since my heart issues. I have noticed that my heart rate can be up to 20 beats per minute higher during a run in hotter conditions than it would be if it was cooler.

Enough excuses…..Fast forward to today…..

my Achilles is now a lot better. My cycling fitness is improving still and I am finding the running is getting better with the temperature dropping! Meanwhile I have invested in a treadmill to allow me to focus my training over the winter and get me race ready for the end of the year. I haven’t entered any races next year as yet, but bearing in mind I entered a lot of races this year which I have since pulled out of, I have decided to wait until I am definitely fit again to race.

My treadmill set up!

Let’s see how this goes!

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