It has been a while since my last blogpost and I do really need to get a grip and write something on a regular basis. It is not as if there is nothing to write about! I need to write less (volume) and more often!

I have at last had a chance to make amends and get a grip on my training though. Last year was a mess. It seemed as though everytime I was getting somewhere something would happen that would set me back again.

The latest was over the Christmas holiday period when one day after finishing work I was ill and laid up in bed with a bad cold. I wont say ‘flu’ but it had the aches and pains you would get with flu!

My plans to get some decent running miles in and a couple of bike rides went straight out of the window.

So, into January and starting again.

To get me kick started I decided to follow ‘RED January!’ It seems as though everymonth is a Run Every Day month for one reason or another. A lot of these are for charity. Mine is to get my ass moving and get me used to running again.

A lot of runners don’t see a benefit from running everyday. Being realistic it can have a negative effect on your body in that you are basically overtraining. However, if you are careful and on your usual rest days just head out for a gentle jog for a couple of miles then it is doable. So why do it then? For me it is more mental than physical. It gives me a focus and a drive to get myself running and I don’t talk myself out of it. I did it back in 2017 and it set me up to get running fit again. Following this I no longer felt anxious about getting out of the door and I actually enjoyed it!

 Now to get some events entered and a plan for 2019! Better late than never!

Has anyone else used RED to get themselves up and motivated again?


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