I am Dave and the person behind ‘Running with Heart’

I have thought about blogging for a while, if anything just to get my thoughts written down and share views!

It is also a means for me to log my love for running and good (or bad) experiences along the way.

Although predominately about running, I will add other stories and thoughts as they come up in day to day life.

It will also allow me to keep track and progress on the issues I have with my heart! Basically I have had a few occasions where I have collapsed (unexplained syncope to give it the correct medical term!) whilst out running. The aftermath of this has often been greater than the event with bodily injuries following a collapse (dislocated shulders being the favourite!).

2017 was a year when they finally discovered what was causing my episodes. It was due to my heart stopping totally. Not ‘atrial fibrillation’ where it goes out of sync and start quivering (and subsequently not pumping blood), but actually stopping then after a number of seconds (I soon realised that it was around 15 seconds before I would pass out) or minutes starting up again on it’s own.

I now have a pacemaker fitted that will prevent my heart rate dropping below 45 beats per minute and (hopefully) keep me alive!

Meanwhile I continue with my life and my running. I had ran 36 marathons (and ultras up to 60 miles) prior to the pacemaker being fitted. Although I wasnt adivsed against running long distance events, I do feel that they contributed to my issues, so I have decided to limit my events to no longer than half marathon. Meanwhile I will get any endurance fix from cycling (an old passion of mine that has been recently rekindled, so expect some blogposts about this!). The impact of cycling on the body is a lot less than running. I think this is inversely proportional to the effect on your bank balance though!

I am now looking forward to what the future brings as far as my fitness goals are concerned!